A (hopefully) actively maintained activity-based-autosorted list of InfoSec Streamers

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Useful Resources

Link Description
TryHackMe TryHackMe - Learn Penetration Testing Skills
HackTheBox HackTheBox - Learn Penetration Testing Skills
Hack-Tools (Chrome | Firefox) Chrome and Firefox Hacking Tools Add-ons
HackTricks Tricks and Techniques
RawSec An inventory of tools and resources about CyberSecurity
GTFOBins Quick Shell One-liners
RevShells Reverse Shell Command Generator
PenTest.WS Engagement Utility
ExplainShell Bash Shell Command Explanation
SS64 Commandline Reference
CrackStation Online Hash Cracking
CyberChef The Cyber Swiss Army Knife for analysing/encoding/decoding data
dCode dCode is a toolkit website for decryption, ciphertexts
Guides In Depth Guides by Alomancy